Axon Innovations provides strategic planning, operations and market strategy services to small and medium enterprises.  Axon Innovations helps identify your business’s core competencies and create strategy pertinent to sustainable competitive advantage for long term success. Axon Innovations uses practical experience, theory and analysis to help companies achieve their goals.

We love to hear new ideas and help with strategic planning of start-ups as well as creating full business plans.  We help start-ups create solid business plans which are ready for fund raising.  Our experience of creating business plans including detailed financials and presentations for venture capital funding can be a valuable asset to companies interested in raising funds.


Founder of Axon Innovations, Shuchi “SK” Khurana, is an experienced professional in technology commercialization, product management and marketing with ten years of experience of working with different industries including medical devices, energy and advanced manufacturing.  Technically, SK specializes in engineering simulation and modeling.

SK employs his analytical skills, education and experience to analyze and solve business problems.

SK holds two masters degrees, MBA and MS, from The Ohio State University, and a B.Tech. degree in Engineering from IIT Kanpur.


Currently, SK is an executive member of the following businesses:


The following companies are current or past clients of Axon Innovations:

  • Launch Pad Nola
  • Flatsourcing
  • Weldindustry, AS
  • Simufact
  • Gatekey Engineering
  • Red6Media
  • Focus Research, Inc.


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